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* I am now a CADI & BI waiver provider with DHS! *


Sing-Along Groups

Provides group members with instruments and song choices to promote reminiscence, quality of life and group rapport.


Music Bingo

A fun game of bingo with song titles in place of numbers on the provided cards. The therapist will then sing songs for group members to find to promote mood and concentration.


Sensory Groups

This group utilizes sensory objects and instruments to connect with group members of a lower cognitive function to promote stimulation, mood and choices.



Serves individuals for acute needs in the areas of depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, and more, to promote individuals' well-being and quality of life.


Bedside Services

Available when a loved one is actively dying to provide support and comfort for family and friends through music, reminiscence, and validation.


Music Therapy Can:

"Make the difference between withdrawal and awareness, between isolation and interaction, between chronic pain and comfort -- between demoralization and dignity."

- Barbara Crowe
(Past President of National Association for Music Therapy)

Leaf Pattern Design



Mental Illness

This course is designed to help persons with varying forms of mental illness establish a network of people and skills to help them successfully navigate their lives. Some goals include developing healthy coping skills, understanding healthy forms of catharsis, identifying triggers and stressors and writing a personal relapse plan. Attendees should leave the workshop feeling empowered, having gained a greater understanding of themselves and their illness process. 




This course is designed to help those who are bereaved better understand grief and how it affects them personally. Goals include learning about the tasks of grief, identifying feelings, building group rapport, establishing support networks, and learning to adapt without their loved one. Attendees should leave the workshop better understanding their own grief process and current stage, in addition to the healthy coping skills necessary to living in their new reality.

 Wellness for Women

This course is designed to help women of any age gain a greater understanding of who they are and the lives they want to live. Some goals include: understanding negative self-talk, teaching personal affirmation, identifying peer pressures and stressors, and creating a personal dream board with goals and aspirations.  Attendees should leave the workshop feeling grounded in themselves and having gained a greater understanding of their own unique needs, goals and dreams.

Workout Girls


New to Musical Motivations!!!!

This is a three-week program for bullying and conflict resolution for young women. This course is designed to help young women gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they handle stressors and conflict. The course is split into three sessions: each focusing on a different skill necessary for building healthy relationships others, and with themselves. This will be done in a safe small group setting, utilizing music therapy interventions, art, journaling and role-play. The sessions with focus on stressors and its physiological manifestations, our words and how they affect ourselves and others, and finally, our actions and how we can better stewards of our relationships in the future.

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