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Empowering Human Hearts with Music and Spoken Word

My name is Megan Godfrey, and I am a board-certified music-therapist and motivational speaker. I find there is a great need in our communities, schools and institutions, for validation, compassion and inspiration. We are all feeling a bit tired and run-down, and perhaps have forgotten the sacredness of our shared human spirit. As a music therapist with over ten years of experience, I can attest to its healing powers and validity. Music is a common heartbeat within our culture, and partnered with the human word, may open a door towards healing and love.


Mission Statement

Musical Motivations, L.L.C always seeks to be a gentle steward, ever mindful of the frailty of the human spirit, providing authentic music therapy experiences tailored to each client's unique needs and preferences. 

  • “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”



Megan also is a licensed provider of independent living skills therapies through the CADI and BI waivers through DHS. 


Music therapy can serve many different goals and diagnoses. I have met and set goals in the areas of depression, isolation, loneliness, anticipatory grief, bereavement, quality of life, comfort, mood support, wellness and many more. I specialize in working with older adults, wherever they call home. I provide large group music-therapy services in many senior and memory care facilities, and am a valued provider at many of The Water facilities around the metro. I also work individually with clients to meet specific goals and needs. I have recently become a Waiver Provider with DHS and the state of MN to provide independent living skills therapies through the CADI and BI waiver system. 

"Beyond her clinical and professional skills, Megan's a delight to work with. Her interpersonal and communication skills are excellent, and she responds to situations calmly, professionally, with grace and tact. She shows great empathy and compassion to all those with whom she works." - Laura Kramer, Director of Active Living, Good-Samaritan Society


These courses are designed for specific goals and topics in the areas of wellness, bereavement, mental illness, and empowerment for young persons. Each week focuses on a different task or skill necessary for growing in these areas, supported by a certified music therapist, in a safe small group setting. These ideas are explored through drum circles, lyric analysis, song writing, imagery and music, and other fun music-therapy-based exercises.  Attendees should leave the workshops feeling empowered, having gained a greater understanding of themselves, in addition to, a network of people and tools to help them survive and thrive within this life.


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As a board-certified music-therapist, I have worked with many grieving and aging populations in the metro and southern areas of Minnesota. I have a background in hospice, aging, memory care, bereavement and death and dying. I have an additional licensure providing hospice and palliative care-based music-therapy from the Center of Music Therapy in End-of-Life Care. I have experience working in and with many different groups and dynamics, such as:  one-on-one's, homes of the grieving, small family work groups, nursing home settings, small and large groups alike. I would love to serve your organization by offering my contract services in any of these capacities.


I have written three different speeches for varying groups and needs and paired them with a music therapy intervention to gently, and empathically, reinforce the desired positive messages within them. The first two are written from a place of faith for Christian women and examine life seasons and their lessons. The third I have written for adults suffering with a mood disorder diagnosis. It is inclusive of any human person, no matter their background or creed. It is written from my own experiences with a diagnosis and provides concrete tools that could save a person’s life.

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Video of Megan Godfrey, MT-BC, and her work with the residents at the Good-Samaritan Society, Stillwater.

In September 2017, Megan was featured in the Guideposts September issue. She was interviewed and videoed (see below) for an article on: "The Healing Power of Music."


St Paul, MN, USA


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